About Christoph Kline


“Facets of you? Geez, that’s a dumb name for a blog,” Shut up voice in my head!

Anyway, Christoph Kline is a husband and father of three. Facets Of You is a reminder for myself that life is built of many different facets, not just one or two. Sometimes it is more complicated than that.

I am a self proclaimed winner at life and fiction writer, sharing both success and failure with you, dear reader. Don’t be afraid to fail…I used to be, and that is no way to live. Instead, be the person you want to see in the mirror. We are all the hero of our own story, make it a great one.

17 thoughts on “About Christoph Kline

  1. It is very nice to see your mum comment here. I would probably do the same for mine if he blogged. My older son is the writer, but, he would not blog. He just loves to correct me. Hahaha. My younger son is Christopher. 🙂 Keep writing Christoph.

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