Everyday, People


I think that the analogy, ‘there is two sides to every coin’ is a dumb one. Making a statement like this insinuates that everything is black and white, right and wrong, up and down, kale shakes and cupcakes. This omits the most fascinating part of being alive: the many shades of gray that color interpretation of events.

I may look at someone and say they are an asshole, while that same person maybe the sun in your sky. I dislike brussel sprouts, you may think they are the bees knees. See what I’m saying? Interpretation is key, and there is no color code. You decide for yourself, coins be damned. It is less like a flipped coin, and more like the polls on a magnetic ball. Some degree of positivity and negativity shape everything, in many different directions.

Some days I am a good person with a dash of dick, others I am a dick trying to be a good person. Some days a junkie wants to be clean, and other days a preacher wishes he was a junkie.

We are all insane, the only difference is the degrees and duration of our sanity. Think about that the next time you get cut off in traffic, or when you are about to snap at your child. Without these tests in our lives, we would be caricatures of people – bright colored and without substance. Have a nice day assholes.

5 thoughts on “Everyday, People

  1. I wish I could take this post and mash it in the faces of everyone who criticizes me for being happy today and grumpy tomorrow. There are many “facets” 🙂 to a person. But people are so caught up in trying to fit themselves and everyone else into a box, that they overlook this.

  2. “We are all insane, the only difference is the degrees and duration of our sanity.”

    Perfect line!

    Forgot who said, or even where I heard it, but I liked this one: “100% of the human population is schizophrenic, but only 1% are told they are.”

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