The thing about Mothers is, they hold all the cards. They are the bullet train that speeds this species into the future. Giving of their bodies a gift that I can only be in awe of; sacrificing those bodies to propel us on. The thing about Mothers is – they do it willingly.

You need support? Call your mom. You need a sandwich and a ride from the police station at 2 a.m.? She’ll be there if she can. Moms are good like that. My mom would do anything for me, I have no doubt.

She gave me life, made me who I am, loved me unconditionally my whole life, and still feels like she owes me something she doesn’t have. Mom, the debt, such as it is (or in this case, never was) was paid.

Some moms, mine included are troubled that way. They think some penance must be paid for some vague wrong they think they did, but the truth is, the love is enough. It always was.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Both of you – all of you who feel you don’t deserve the joy of life, of tickle fights and snuggling after the sun comes up – all you have to do is reach out, your kids want you there.

If you cannot, I am sorry. If your mother isn’t coming back, I feel your pain.

Tell her your love her anyway, she will know. Mother’s can do it, if anyone can. If there is an afterlife, leave it to a mother to breach that gulf for the love of her children. So, let her know too.

I am surrounded by mothers. They are beautiful, and they are strong. I am proud to know you all. To the mothers who gave me life and gave me children, nieces and nephews: thank you for showing me, and the little ones what love is supposed to look like. No one does it better than you.

If you miss your mother today, try to love in her honor. I know she would want it that way.