Honest Mistakes


In my life, I have made errors. Most of them are simply errors of ignorance, of misunderstanding, and of pride. The most flagrant of these errors, is that of my understanding of what it takes to make things work. I have for years “preached” the importance of the collective;  that it is the needs of the many for the needs of the few. This, dear reader, is an error of ignorance.

I will not discount the fact that the many in need must be helped, but by whom? I have realized, almost as if the lights have been turned in the dark recesses of my mind, that without the few, those brave souls willing to achieve, and many would be helpless. It is through this realization, that for the first time in my life I am NOT trying to do something, I am doing it.

If you try, and fail, it is no big deal – you were after all, only trying. But if you are doing, not trying, you cannot fail. Be one of the brave few who does not say “I think,” but instead says, “I know.” I do not think you can do it, I know you can.

Success is not an accident, it is a habit one attains by repeating the process of succeeding, through doing your level best. Do not expect the help of others, only demand your own greatness. You deserve your best in all things you find worth doing. If it is not worth your best…well, maybe it is time to rethink the worth in doing it.

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I am closing the gap on the end of this story, which I wrote on a napkin in my car weeks ago. It may end up being the real end, but that depends on these psychos I am writing into existence.  Be excellent friends- you will be seeing more of me in the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “Honest Mistakes

  1. “If it is not worth your best…well, maybe it is time to rethink the worth in doing it.” – woo, you can say that again! A nice dose of reality for this morning.

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