Five Years & A Day


5 years and 1 day ago I had two children. There was of course, the anticipation of a third, but after everything we had been through we were still unsure if there would ever be a third. Megan lay in bed for months to give her the best chance she could have to make it. 5 years and 1 day ago we were not sure.

I was not myself, and would not be for years to come. Just over a year earlier we lost the baby whose small body I looked at in a sterile dish. I shouldn’t have looked, but hindsight is, of course 20/20. All I knew for sure was I couldn’t let myself fall in love with something that may not live.

We waited in anticipation until that day 5 years ago. She came into the world a mass of black hair and the voice that pierced all the dark places in us like a spotlight in a tunnel. 5 years and 1 day ago we didn’t believe, 5 years ago we had no choice but to. She was loud, she was beautiful, and five years and one day ago we thought she would never come.

5 years and 1 day ago there was hope and fear. 4 years 364 days ago, there was a one day old miracle laying her head on my chest. I have never been the same since.

Happy birthday Nova Lloraynne, you were worth the wait.

12 thoughts on “Five Years & A Day

  1. So beautiful! and happy birthday to your beautiful daughter <3. I can speak from experience in saying being a Daddy's girl is something I wouldn't trade for the world. & what an amazing name!

  2. You, Chris, I have confidence in raising a fine generation of thoughtful, alert, aware humans. That confidence drops off a cliff when it comes to others.

    Well done, and Happy Birthday, Nova! (Great name)

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