Happy Birthday


I couldn’t tell you the exact date I met my wife. At the immortal age of 22 you really don’t think about things like dates. You’re going to live forever, so what difference does it make when you met somebody. I do know where though, that part’s easy. There used to be this tattoo shop and hair salon where I live. She did hair, and I there a lot. We played shows there often that first spring. Once, while police helicopters circled overhead. ATF stormed the parking lot and we had to break up the festivities. Crazy times, but what’s life without them?

I would always see her there. Even though I was with someone at the time, I always seemed to gravitate toward her. She was the Sun in the sky and I was a helpless planet.

The first night we talked, I’d just finished performing at a river side bar – we played there most every Friday night. We sat there in the aftermath of a set and talked all night of ideologies, peace, and music. A couple months later, she was mine and i was hers. Bought and sold, part and parcel, head over heels.

She had a little girl; a tall dark haired little thing with an incandescent smile and tenacious smart mouth. They rocked my world. Suddenly, a life I never knew I wanted was placed in front of me.
I did the only thing a sane man would do, I held on to her and never let go.

It is hard to give a gift to someone who has given you as much as my wife has given me.  A life full of laughter and love, beautiful children, in short, a home. She gave me a family to call my own.

There are a few rare moments in your life that are the forks in the road; the map of your story. The day I first laid eyes on my wife is one of those. It is that time you refer to when telling a story of a time gone by. “It was a month after we met, remember?”

If life is a series of intersections, meeting Megan is the largest. It is certainly the most defining moment in my short life.

My wife is without exception the most amazing woman I know, and I am honored to share my life with her. Happy birthday Megan Elizabeth you as ever, rock my world.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. aww❤️I love you Poohbear I’m so glad you met my momma no one could make her happier❤️ and no one could be what you are to me❤️

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