The Science Of Adoration & Procrastination


Here it is, my admission of procrastination. Well, only half procrastination. The other 50% I am proud to say borders on workaholism. The last 6 days I’ve written 22, 341 words which the total of 58 and a half pages of a story that I thought was going to be about something, and it ended up being about nothing I could have imagined.

I think I’m done trying to figure out outlines. Every time I do, I’m surprised by characters I have not yet developed. As they become human, the story that I have laid out for them becomes alien, as they make decisions of their own. Truth be told, I did at first, make these characters shadows of people that were in my life at one point. That my friends was a mistake. I don’t know these fucking people, I only thought I did. Enough about that though, that is not what I came to write about today.

Those of you that follow the “journal” aspect of this blog, know that I have recently celebrated a birthday and a wedding anniversary in quick succession. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about marriage as a result. Not marriage in general, mind you, but my marriage.

For someone who never imagined being married, let alone having children of his own, I am pleased everyday by the life that I live. I’m not sure if its just the new vitamins that I’m taking, chasing my dream, or perhaps the fact that I finally being honest with myself about who I really am, but I am happy.

Things are going well, and I foresee things getting better everyday. Just think, all it took was 33 years who I wanted to be when I grew up, one  year of living in a limbo of confusion, and 1 year of carpe fucking diem.

Am I successful?

Well, I guess that depends on your definition of a success. I like what I’m doing, I like who I’m doing it with. I adore my family, and I am chasing my dream. I asked you this friends: are you successful?

I’m almost at an end with WordPress, I fear. Not that I don’t enjoy it as an interface, but I think it’s holding me back from what it is that I want. Shame though, I really wanted to be featured on freshly pressed before I left.

That’s the part that I am procrastinating about. I’m really trying to find the platform option that is the most suitable for my needs believe me, if I could find it here, I would stay. Who knows, maybe I will.

3 thoughts on “The Science Of Adoration & Procrastination

    • I am not going to quit blogging. I am just weighing my options at the moment. I appreciate the plea fore to stay. As for freshly pressed, I was kidding. I like what I do, and that is what really matters.

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