Can’t Stay Away


I am in violation of my own mandate. What a filthy liar I turned out to be, huh? I said I wasn’t going to blog, but here I am. It had nothing to do with not wanting to mind you, but more to do with finishing other things on a short list. The largest of those things being the manuscript for a story I have been giving away piece by piece entitled Broken Glass.

I reached the point in that story where I had to make a move, and the time I was dedicating to it just wasn’t enough. So, I have focused all of my writing attention on that to see were goes. I’m not going to lie, I thought I knew how that story would end, but as I get closer and closer to that end, I am not so sure.

So not only do my kids not listen, but my fictional characters don’t either. Nobody wants to do what I tell them to. As a plus though, I think the story is better this way. The characters seem more alive, at least to me anyway. What started as are young man’s addiction to a woman has turned into something a lot darker.

You know me, I like the dark.

Image courtesy of my youngest child – vampire in training.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Stay Away

  1. People used to laugh at me when I complained that my characters just kept doing whatever they wanted…glad someone else is going through it!

  2. Thanks you! I have ideas about what will happen, as far as the general storyline. Yet, they really do make different decisions than I would. I didn’t know them, but I’m starting to. I like the freestyle/outline mash up concept. I try to build baseline ideas that evolve over time. Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

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