The Intervening Years


Lots has happened in the intervening years between childhood and adulthood. I have sang and I have screamed, laughed and cried. There have been moments of triumph and joy, heartache and failure. Growing older does not however indicate growing up.

Not always anyhow.

I drove my son to school for the first time today. Interesting, he’s been in school for the last couple years but for some reason or another, mostly work, I have missed the opportunity to take him to that age old place of learning.

Today is my birthday, I guess that’s the only reason I needed to take a miniature vacation from the daily grind. Not that I’m celebrating getting older mind you, but it’s a great jumping off point for any sort of self reflection or decision making for the following year. The reason I mentioned taking my son to school, it’s because he reminded me of something special today. As I was driving off, he ran back to the truck and call to me. He said, “happy birthday dad and I love you.”


I want more opportunities to have moments like that in my life. Opportunities to share in tickle fights, wrestling, science projects, tears, and joy. They are so much more important than earning a paycheck. I would like to make it my job from now on to let my family know that they are more important than anything else I do.


That happy birthday from my son outside is red brick school was better than any gift I’ve gotten. I want to return it to him everyday with my love. There are going to be some big changes in my virtual world, so this is going to be the last post for a week or so. When I return, the game will have changed. Take care friends.


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