Free-Range Children


My kids all are the proof that I have had sex at least three times. The three of them are all products of being raised by kooky parents. As a result, they themselves tend to be a bit on the kooky side. I mean that of course in the most excellent of ways; I would not trade them for anything in the entire world. It is their picadillos that make them so special to me, well among other things.

How do you make a kooky excellent amazing child? How do you make them into a kooky amazing adult?
First off, you don’t, they are born that way. You have to let them be special, they are good at it from the start.

We call it free range parenting. More specifically, we call them free-range children. There’s nothing wrong with letting kids be kids. True, I do feel like I am have them under surveillance constantly, but I don’t. More often than not, we simply let them be. Lots of unstructured free play, limited video games, no tablets. I would like to say that they do not watch very much television, but I’m not in the habit of lying to you folks. They watch television a few hours a day give or take, and that’s fine.

I try not to yell, so does my wife. We still do, but we try to be conscious of it. We work hard, trying not to say destructive words to our little ones. Destructive words would include but are not limited to:  shut up, stupid, what’s wrong with you, hate in any form, ugly, dumb, shit head, asshole, dumbass, you get the idea.

These choice words all have the potential to fuck with a kids confidence. How are you supposed to make a fully capable competent adult, that hears that they’re stupid all the time?

You can not.

Children are the most exasperated, gray hair inducing, sleep depriving, amazing, inspiring, wonderful facets of you. Do not make them afraid to be who they are. They are amazing. They are born knowing that. Don’t  let them ever forget, oh and learn from them that you are too – incase you forgot.

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