Stalker Talk


Thinking a lot about stalkers today. A stalkers has got to be the most lazy predator in the game. Mother fucker standing outside your window. Bitch please, why you so scared? Is home invasion beneath you?

I know that if I were looking in your window dear reader, I’d just climb in that bitch and at least smell your hair brush. I swear some people have no manners.

I know the topic of today’s conversation is obvious do most of you by now, but I’m really thinking about reaching out and getting what you want. No, not another beer though, that does sound delicious at 6 o’clock in the morning. I’m talking about those things that the defeatist in your head tells you you cannot do. Just like you were a stalker standing outside the window, with your goal inside, hoping they don’t know you are watching them undress.

Watching all that naked ambition from behind the window and all you want to do is go ahead and take charge. First of all, based on the preceding text I think I have some issues.

Is this post a little bit too creeper heavy for you reader? If so just note, that is not me standing outside your bedroom window. Its not my style. I much prefer the bathroom window – you know, that little window above the shower. Sure, it takes a little bit more work, but you are worth it.

Here’s a better idea.

Instead a thinking about your lofty goals, pretending that you don’t have them and then secretly pining away for them, be courageous. Don’t just watch your dreams walk away, grab them. Let them know that you think they’re beautiful, despite all their flaws, and that your life is more meaningful with them in it.

Now, if your dreams happen to be someone of the opposite sex, this all got really awkward. If this is just a metaphor for what you seek, and you get it, I’ll feel a lot less awkward.

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