Prime Real Estate


Imagine that your mind is a neighborhood. Every resident in your neighborhood is different. They all have different ideologies, different personal philosophies, and all in all are wholly different people. Like most real neighborhoods, some of your neighbors are nice, and some of them are real dicks. So I guess the question is, who takes up real estate in your mind?

In the neighborhood of my mind, there are a lot of great residents. Unfortunately, many of them are soft spoken, and they don’t have as big a yard as some of the assholes, like Doubt for example. Doubt drives a lifted Hummer, and has 3 car, boat deep garage in my psyche. That mother fucker knows everybody and has something to say about everything.

Fuck that guy. I say that, yet I secretly want Doubt to believe in me – he does not.

Even though Doubt has the largest home in my mental neighborhood, it doesn’t mean that his next door neighbor Pride does not have an equally large yard. Pride though, does not have a lawn. Pride has a garden, that must be cultivated every day or else it will wither and die. He knows that if he allows doubt to come over, he will more than likely trample the garden that Pride has worked so hard to cultivate.

Pride is married to Courage, and boasts that he would be nothing without her. It is because of Courage that Pride is so strong.  Together they make up all that is good to strive for.

Doubt has a friend that lives with him, his name is Fear. Fear likes to tell me that I will get hurt if I listen to Pride; that it is safer to stay inside and never, I mean never try to take control of my life. I don’t like him either, yet there he sits, watching me from the porch of Doubt’s large home.

Note that Fear does not have perminent residence in my psyche. He is not welcome, and stay a tennant at sufferance.

Both in the world, and in my mental neighborhood, there lives next door to me a resident that I cannot stand. I know next to nothing about them, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. All I know for sure, is that this resident never acknowledges me, and is rarely home. In the world, I do not know their name. In my mental cul-de-sac my neighbor’s name is Envy. Envy only shows up once I give in to the advice of Doubt and Fear, and feel like giving up on the world. He says, “look at all of that guy’s stuff, you will never be that successful.”

Also, fuck that guy.

At the end of the street, in my quiet mental neighborhood is a little old lady. For a long time, she kept to herself, not acknowledging doubt, envy, or even pride. Instead, she always left cookies on my doorstep with little notes like, “please pick up your trash, we all have to live here,” or, “your yard is so lovely when you pull the weeds,” you know, polite but informative. The little old lady is named Hope and her house is by far the smallest on the street. She lives right next door to doubt, and over the years she has been buying real estate from doubt, expanding her property in my mental neighborhood.

Hope as also gotten louder over the years, and from time to time I see her conspiring with Pride. When she does, her notes are nurturing and her cookies plentiful. Together they remind me that I’m doing fine,  and not to give up.

Never. Give. Up.

At the neighborhood BBQ in my psyche, Pride is happy to be there, and Envy rarely shows. I want so badly for Doubt to believe in me, even though I know that his homestead in my mind is getting smaller, he will never move out. Most of all, I cherish Hope. It is her constant reminders to clean my yard, and to never give up that keep me pushing forward.

Fear is never invited, but in the fashion so becoming of Fear, he shows up anyway. What a dick.

Lastly, in the duplex at on the corner of my psyche and reality lives all the people who fill my head with negativity. I do not acknowledge them, but there they stay. The only time I even notice them is when I make a big decision. Only then do I notice that they have been there hanging out with Doubt and Fear the whole time.

The moral of this crazy tale, is be choosy about who you allow to occupy your mind. It is prime real estate, and if you are not careful, you may end up living next door to a bunch of assholes.

These are the tenants in my head. Now I ask you, who do you live with?

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