My Life Version 2.0


My real life is such a contrast from my work life. I work in the shadows, and I live in the sun – at least, that is what it feels like at times. This feeling really makes it easy to appreciate home.

Some days go by without me uttering one single word, others, I do not shut up. Granted, those days I am talking to myself, or rather, to my Evernote, but in any case I do not shut my face hole all day.

Oh, but how I live for the weekends. To wake up when I want, to go where I want, and the wrestling. I wrestle tiny people from sun up, until they finally power down. They do not sleep, they simply cease to fight…until next time.

I am really trying to be the person I admire these days. I always admire those fathers who don’t ever seem worn out, that always have time to play with their kids. To be clear: I am not this dude. I am always tired, but I don’t have to let them know that.

My kids are awesome, and they deserve an awesome dad. Your kids are awesome, give them the best version of you. You will be glad you did.


If you are reading the serialized novel Broken Glass , the next chapter should be available by Monday. Until next time friends.

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