I Wonder


Alright, so yesterday wasn’t exactly a great day. If you read that gem of an entry yesterday, you would surely know that my feelings about finance were once again in questuon. It wasn’t bad, but it was bad enough that by the time I got home I didn’t want to look at a single person, let alone those I love. I phoned in my responsibilities as a husband and a father, ate dinner, and help my son with his homework. All of this, done grudgingly mind you.

It was at that point, after the homework and before bed that I was reminded of something that I had written to you good folks but mostly (again) for myself entitled Be Here. In keeping a promise to my son, I agreed to play at some Lego heroics.  Our game ended up a kind of a build an adventure game, which I got immersed in. He and I, and let’s be fair, my youngest daughter created what I can only describe as a Dungeons and Dragons sort of epic.

General Bone Daddy The Undead and Admiral Chicken Wing saved Batman from the clutches of Lord Scorpion-face and his force filed to end all force fields and reclaimed the treasure using the armulet of spring to melt the ice. It was wonderful, and as a nerd parent, I was very proud.

By the time we had finished playing I’d completely forgotten what it was that had me so unraveled when I got home. If it was always that easy, I would never stop playing with them.

Kid can be the greatest of all teachers, and a constant reminder to not take ourselves so seriously. Just be glad that there are people in the world that can’t wait for you to be near them, to help them defend the world from evil. Sometimes it is they (the little ones) who defend, but not from evil, instead from the bitterness that comes from this rat race we live in. I wonder on mornings like this who the teacher is, them or me.

2 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. Hey Christoph, if it makes you feel any better, my day job is with snakes in a dark hole. That’s how I describe it. Between my work place and home, I drive through empty paddock and treed open space. By the time I get home and hug my sons, I am better. You had them (your babies) or they were sent – to protect you too and to remind you, some things in life are far more important. 🙂

    • Beautifully put my friend. Children are a thing of magic it seems, knowing far more than they should have the capacity to know in far less time than it took me to learn. Work is just work, but home – that’s the good stuff!

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