Time Is Time


I am just coming out of a brain fog which is second to none. The flu season managed to get its hooks into me this year in a bad way so, I will do my best to make this stream of thought coherent. Thank you for your patience.

Anyone who says money does not matter to them is probably a liar. I know this, because I am one of those smug bastards.

I sit all high and mighty making statements like, “my decisions aren’t made with money in mind,” or, “I would rather be happy than wealthy.” These catchy one liners are in fact, at least partially, bullshit. True, finance is not my primary concern, but it is on my mind a lot.

I guess it is the corruption of the system that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Paper that is printed indefinately with no value but what we allow. It makes me sad that we, a population born on this planet have to pay to live on this planet.

But hell, what am I going to do about it? Short answer: nada.

I am going to continue selling my time to the highest bidder in hopes that one day, enough people like the things I say enough to give me paper to say them, well, in print anyway.

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

Oh Mr. Lennon, how right you were.

So why does any of this gloomy shit matter? Well, what it comes down to for me anyway, is the decision of what you can live with. I used to think I could put up with anything for a decent salary. Turns out that is only true for a little while. After some time, I become sad and bitter, and I feel like my life is being wasted.

Is there any advice to be gleaned from this? Sure. Find your passion and run with it. Like I have said before, in five years you will be five years older anyway, so you may as well be working toward what you love in the mean time. Oh, and enjoy the ride…there are no refunds.

Image courtesy of belden.com

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