Happy Wife, Happy Life


As my lady and I close the gap on our 11th wedding anniversary, I am reminded of all the ways that nuptials have changed my life. When you add kids to the mix, it’s sometimes hard to maintain that old spark that began the whole ride. Though I am certainly no expert on being a model husband, I do think there are a few things you guys and dolls can do out there in the world to let your someone know they are still your numero uno.

Here they are:

1. Flowers
This is a time tested way to say, “Hey, thanks for letting me have sex with you.” Though this is more so favored by the ladies, guys like flowers too. I prefer hop flowers fermented into barley malt water on ice but, different strokes for different folks.

2. Touching
When there is an army of kids at  your bedroom door, intimacy can be almost nonexistent. The best way we have found to combat this tiny problem is just being physical. Rubbing feet, shoulders, neck, back – you know, all the stuff that isn’t rated NC-17 and beyond. Your partner isn’t going anywhere, so there is plenty of time for putting stuff into stuff, trust me.

3. Stay-cation
Believe it or not you do not have to go out to have a good vacation from your normal day to day. Sometimes a good time, is just being together in your own home alone. This is the plan for us this anniversary. I totally new concept, a house without Tiny Terrorists in it for the weekend. Magical.

4. Date Night
Get the hell out of the house one night a week. We are not good at this one, but we try. It is so easy to get caught up in your life that you can forget why you ever got married. Short solution: take your date out. Even if it is just to dinner, the experience is a solid reminder of why you started breeding in the first place.

5. Tell them how you feel
This may be a big duh moment for you, but you’d be surprised how often you can forget to say, “I love you,” to your spose. Don’t.  They need to hear it, and so do you. Actions may speak louder than words, but words are a good reminder for why you gave up genetic material to this person to make a small army of offspring.

There you have my list. Again, I am not expert, but I am happily married, and that has go to count for something.

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