Glutton For Gluten


I am, by all practical definitions a fat guy. Not in your My 600 Pound Life kind of way, but a good 40 or 50 pounds overweight I would say. Like most people, I would like to work out, but between things I want to do, work, and the rest of it, I can’t seem to find the time.


So instead I try to eat right, fresh organic greens, I say no to gluten (most of the time) and generally try to stay active. This only seems to work for not gaining weight. But there are those weeks that I seem to get drawn back in to the enticing allure of pizza, burgers, and Krispy Kreme donuts.

Once that has happened, I am pretty much fucked. All I want from then on is those things.

Sweet delicious bread.

The realization that this happens to me every time, got me to thinking. Is it just my propensity for a gluten-full diet that gets me roped back into this way of life, or is there something more to it. So I started reading. What I found was not only informative, but a goddamn revelation.

Is gluten a drug? Not exactly, but it does have drug like behaviors in the body. According to Dr. Rivkah Roth of the World Board Of Natural Health Medicine gluten seems to want to be eaten.

“…grain addiction; an addiction that is no different from an alcohol or opium addiction, and easy to explain: Gluten and casein contain opioid exorphins that act as drugs on the body who is genetically not set up to handle them. The fact that the majority interprets gluten-free simply as “free of gluten grains” truly is telling of our grain-addicted way of life.

This kind of confused thinking makes for an unhealthy way of living. While many of the glutenfree labeled process food fares truly may not contain damaging gluten exorphins, most of these products do contain undesirable:
high carbohydrate[18] / high sugar alternatives (possibly containing hidden gluten)
low levels of essential nutrients (leading to iron deficiency and bone loss)”

The good doctor goes on, but you get the idea.

Of course that is just me cherry picking, but there is a lot more under a search for gluten addiction than just this one article. I will add a few links below.

So remember, the next time you reach for another piece of cake, it is not just your sweet tooth talking. You may actually be a gluten junkie.  Great, another thing for me to be addicted to.

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