Sometimes in the course of doing the things that we want to do, we don’t stop and think about how those decisions might affect other people. By the way of course, I’m talking about myself. As you know, I took up the Royal we years ago, since that is what my wife refers to me as. For example, we should really repaint the outside of the house.

It is about her, that I write this entry. Typically, Megan is supportive of all of my crazy schemes and aspirations. Though, I’m sure she would probably have been more comfortable in life had she married someone who had a traditional set of dreams, she did not, she chose me instead.

Since I am pretty much constantly writing, I do not expect for her to read every single word that I put on to the page, or the screen for that matter. I had though, encouraged her to read Broken Glass . I am rather proud of that work.

Last night, while we were having an evening conversation, just after the kids have gone to bed and the house was once again silent save for the dishwasher and the spin cycle. She told me that she had read the story. She told me she thought it was very good. She also told me that it was hard for her to read.

This never really occurred to me until she said those words. I never once thought that a story based on a character that was fuzzy in my rearview mirror could affect anyone but me. Sometimes I can be a little selfish I guess. Though it is true, but the story is not gospel, it does ring true in some respects.

I really don’t want to cause her any grief, but I need to see how this thing is going to end. Granted, I am a lot further along then I have shared with you dear reader, I still have not quite seen where the story goes. That, is my favorite part of fiction. The most difficult part of fiction however, is knowing where to separate it from fact. Sometimes, the most difficult parts of things make them the most rewarding.

In other news, within the next few months I plan to take over responsibility of this page, and launch it as a real live grown up website. That, my friends, is super exciting. Any advice from your professional blogger is out there would be greatly appreciated. I would really hope that this thing can pay for itself, and give me the opportunity to monetize what I love to do. Chase those dreams friends, whatever they are.

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