Gifts For A Future You


Forget the clock.

Forget that time is ticking away second by second. Instead, imagine that time is a river flowing forever onward to the sea of infinity. You are a duckling on the river of time. Just a soft fragile adorable little thing floating along towards forever.

Still with me? You smart mother fucker you . I knew I could count on your superior power of conceptualization. On that same train of thought, think about all the difficult things that you do, and how sometimes they may feel pointless.

Example: imagine that you are me.  You work out every single day, but the results that you see are less than speedy. You want to be fit right? You want to look good this summer! But the problem is, working out takes a long time, it’s hard, and you are not buff yet. You just look at what you perceive as your fat face in the mirror and sigh with discontent. Shitty.

Instead of thinking about what’s not happening yet, think of everything you do as a gift to your future self. If you stick with it long enough, you will step into that reality which is eventually going to be. You will become that person on the beach, or whatever your desire is, because time flows forward. It’s going to continue flowing forward whether you do the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing, or not.

Everything you do, both good and bad is a gift to a you that does not exist yet. Boom…

I already think you are great, it is me that I am learning to like. That is the change I would like to see in the world. A civilization of folks who are happy with who they are, planting seeds of change in the form of gifts to their future selves.

I’m getting all choked up just thinking about it. Don’t look at me! I get self conscious when I’m emotional…

Okay, all better now.

Moral of the story is:  no one is going to do any of it for you. So whether your goal is to be wealthy and successful in a conventional sense, or your goal is to be wealthy any less tangible sense such as in friends, or and personality, or in the love that you get from your children, or any other thing that strikes you that’s awesome. Wealth is not measured in dollars and cents. Period.

Wealth is measured in joy. In ecstatically jumping up and down over whatever makes you want to jump up and down. Weather choice for you is that Ben Affleck is the new Batman, or that your blog was viewed by people all over the world. It doesn’t matter what makes you happy man, just be happy.

And if you’ve got kids, let them know they can be whoever they want, not because it will make them rich but because it will make them happy.

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