My Precious


I have a bad habit, so much so, that even saying it’s a bad habit would make an understatement out of it. It’s more so  another addiction, one that I’m pretty sure most of us share. This vice is small, shiny, touchscreen, and hard to look away from. I am of course talking about that perfect techno Jesus that you carry in your palm – your smartphone.

A month or so ago my wife and I conducted an experiment in which we gave up all electronics for what we thought would be a week but only turned out to be a few days. If you like to read about it, click here.

What we learned in that few days, is that we are way, way to reliant on the information superhighway, social media, and that dirty mother fucker Google. No offense to Google, of course, since you know corporations are people and they have feelings, but that is a rant for another day.

So I hold my technological deity in my hand right now, I always seem to be holding it in my hand. It is precious to me. Sounds familiar?

In the world of JRR Tolkien lives a creature who is so consumed by his shiny precious, that he gives up his life in order to be consumed by it. In a lot of ways we are not unlike this golem, sacrificing our precious time to be consumed by our shiny objects.

I have no prescription to remedy this ailment friends, it is only an observation. I hope to learn from this observation, but try as I may, I cannot seem to put it down for longer than a few hours.

For this reason I pose an experiment for any of you to try with me. For one day, let’s say Saturday January 10, 2015 let’s not use our devices for anything but making phone calls…okay texting too. I would love to hear from anyone who takes part in this.  My contact information is here.

If you do not want to take part, I get it. I must confess, when my Megan asked me to go without my device for a week, like any true junky…I got angry.

4 thoughts on “My Precious

  1. What a good experiment! I have tried to limit my phone use in the last few months and find it gets easier and easier each day … or, at least it got easier once I deleted most of the aps of it.
    Good luck to you!

  2. I choose not to have a smart phone because I watched my friends and coworkers be consumed by theirs. My husband has one, but he too deleted most of the apps from it about six months ago and he reports feeling much freer.

    • Good for you! I use my almost solely for writing. No games or any of that, and it is not as consuming. Glad to see your husband found a remedy to the dreaded mind suck that is handheld entertainment.

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