My Boy


Seven years ago today my life was permanently changed.  Early that morning me and my wife were driving down the quiet highway, “Rocketman” playing in the background. In what seemed like no time at all, we pulled up to the hospital.

After a blur of nurses, and noises, adrenaline, and fear, the most beautiful boy I had ever seen lay in an incubator in a tye-died onesie. Later that night, when I was finally able to hold him for real I realized how much I loved him. A feeling that has grown every day since.

On the day he was born, I wrote a message to him on a blue stuffed dog he was given as a gift. The dog came with a pen for everyone to write on it. The messages were sweet words of love and welcome.

The message I wrote to my son was to the person he would later be, not the baby he was. I wrote, “I may never give you pearls of wosdom, but I hope to give you the grains of sand from which the pearls will be born.”

Seven years. Where does time go? All I know for certain, is my son is the most amazing boy I have known, and I am proud to call him my own.

I love you Turner William, Happy birthday.

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