Evolution Of My Crazy


You know, if I stop and think about it, this blog is really evolved over the last couple years. What I once thought would be an epic testament to conspiracy, alternative history, and enlightenment, has become a  thought experiment, writing process analysis, and breaking down of my psyche for the world to see.

All and all I would say it’s a success.

What’s on my mind this morning as I drive down the highway, the snow from New Year’s Eve a distant memory to all of the desert dwellers, is about the evolution of characters in my most recent story, or at least the most recent one that I’m willing to share at the moment which I am calling Broken Glass. I allowed the story to flourish on its own without really too much editing. What’s begun to happen is that the story is really doing one of two things: its either too Raunchy, or it is hokey – at least in my opinion.

The story, is really graphic and that is part of what interests me about it. Where I sit right now, I have a hard time visualizing how well received it will be. Because let’s face it, the only reason anyone write a story besides having a story to write is for others to read it.

If I write a story that isn’t widely accepted, then it’s not going to be read by anyone I fear. There are those writers though, to write without fear of judgement or readership, and they as a result transcend the rules that they are bound by. They become the greats. Not to say that my story it’s going to break any records or anything like that but in order to tell a story that breaks rules you run the risk of not having anyone read it, and that is the heart of what I fear.

Funny, through the course of this blog entry, which is more these days like a public journal, I have decided just to write. I can’t worry about you, dear reader, judging me the worst that’s going to happen, probably already has. I can live with that.

So, if you have been enjoying broken glass, then you can expect the next installment tomorrow. Thank you for your patience, you must understand that I am a crazy person. Have a nice day.

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