Effen Hipsters


Okay so my wife just explained something to me. It’s something I’ve been in denial about for a long time, apparently. My pants are not tight, but I tend not to like anything popular. Inadvertently, my entire life, I have been a hipster. I cannot stand that word. Its so fucking  mainstream.

This mindset has screwed me up for success as an artist. I think it is hack to promote yourself, and being a sellout is lame. Who the fuck thinks like that? Not someone who is successful. Not someone who has touched people with their work.

With that being said, if someone has a beard and skinny jeans, huge plugs in their ears, and a successful yet quaint business or underground following of some sort, they are posers.

This mindset is absolutely retarded. I do not mean that in a mentally handicapped way, but in the literal sense – diminished.

Now that I have faced the fact that I am an elitist fuck , I will do my best to work past it. My pants will remain loose, but I’m keeping my goddamn beard. I will lose the shitty elitist frame of reference,   to how I see myself, and how I see the success of others.

Don’t be a hipster, unless you can do it in a healthy way. Being a dick is so lame bro…for real.

Image courtesy of Imgarcade.com

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