Wet Blanket


I Inadvertently took the last week off everything. At first I thought it was due to a lack of motivation, the holidays, and the influx of family in town. This seemed the most legitimate reason, but yesterday I was talking to my mother  (my biggest supporter in following my dreams) and she asked me why I hadn’t been writing. A fair question, but it was the next bit that made me think.

She asked me if being trolled had made me hesitant to write. I said no, but I am not sure how true that was. I mean, I am confident enough in my self that I wouldn’t let a jealous bottom feeder with poor grammar stand between me and my passion, but subconsciously I am not so sure.

Truth be told, nobody likes being disrespected, and this blog by nature leaves me pretty vulnerable to scrutinizers. The lesson I have to learn is to use such insults to prove to myself that they are wrong. To transmute this base level slime into the gold of inspiration.

Two post in a row about this shit. Sorry kids, back to business tomorrow…oh and if you enjoyed the first chunk of Broken Glass, the next segment will be available by Friday.

The moral of today’s entry:
Don’t let a wet blanket smother your spark.

Image courtesy of thepbandjshow.com

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