Freeing Fiction


I have a story to tell, and I think I am going to give it away on this site.  I need a break from my fantasy epic – it is proving frustrating at the moment and I am losing sight of the pure idea I intend for the characters and their arch.

To distract, and possibly shed light on this for myself, I want to tell a pseudo – autobiographical tale about a young man’s relationship with an aspiring dominatrix, his family, and coming of age.

This story is fun to write, but rather salacious with sex, drug, and alcohol themes. You know, wholesome stuff. The trick will be that (for legal reasons) I am going to change the tale to accommodate actual people. I say again: the people in this story are phonies! Their resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. The threads of truth are for me to know.

So, tomorrow (editing permitted) I am going to post the first bit to see how it flies. If things go well, I will release it in a serialized, week by week form until it is finished. What do y’all think? I realize that acknowledgement of folks reading your blog is against etiquette,  but you know me…
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