Perception In A Digital Age


Perception is supposedly reality, at least,  that’s what I’ve heard. Whatever you see as being real,  chances are it actually is. It could possibly be a shared hallucination in a fractal holographic universe made not of matter but vibrating energy, but so what? What difference does it make if matter is only vibrating waveform/particle energy , or everything is really as it seems, solid. For the purposes of this exercise of thought, it makes really little difference. This is really less about what actually is, and more about what you perceive to be.

The Internet has given us a great gift. It has given us the ability to answer any question, at any time, without any hesitation. It has given us the ability to span the globe in a worldwide network of awareness.

Issues of power, of truth, and various other forms of tom foolery that once below the radar are now everyone’s business. This has been helpful, but in some ways detrimental to life as we know it. The real issue that I’m thinking about at the moment is the news feed. Your newsfeed, shapes the way you see the world. If veganism  is your kink, then chances are your News Feed is full of vegan activism and the like. If you are all about conspiracy theory, you have an endless stream of fear mongering and propaganda against the state. If you’re a Democrat, point of you it looks like the Democrats are taking over. The same goes for the Republican, and the independent parties. If you buy the company line , your fear mongering is taking another direction.

Your News Feed is perhaps the most powerful weapon advertising for thought has ever had. It can change any point of view. Every like and every favorite, changes that nifty little algorithm changing your digital perception of reality. Every Google search, every article, every day. The Internet is becoming more specialized just. for. you.

This is extremely convenient, as I do not want to search through things I’m not interested in to find the meat and potatoes . I would much rather get straight to the UFO sightings, climate extremes, various weaponry, and folklore that seemed to take up my browsing time. Oh and let’s not forget the comic rap battles, stand up, and podcasts. I do not have time occupy someone else is reality as weird as that might sound. On my device, the Internet is mine. And no one elses.

That is fascinating.

I like to think of it as a series of lenses, obscuring the spectrum we do not wish to see. We use lenses to filter all sorts of things, not just the internet but the way that we look at each other; what we perceive to be true. Aldous Huxley said, ” there are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between lies the doors of perception.” I would like to take that thought one step further. In the doorways, between these doors of perception lies the ever changing lenses through which we focus our attention.
And just as the Internet is tailored to suit your preferences, it can also shape the way you see the world. You can go down different avenues, and see the most morally depraved acts of violence, as well as selfless acts of love. The cutest animals, or be heading with a hand saw. From the vantage point of your tiny glowing screen, it may in fact look like Armageddon has begun… Or not. The truth, is open to interpretation.

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