The Alchemy Of Everyday Life


This is the third morning that I’ve driven to work in the dark cold rain the reflection of the street lights is like a cracked mirror on the blacktop one broken windshield wiper obscuring the rest of the surface of the world . It’s one of those kind of rains that seems to wash away all the dirt from the cracks and forgotten places. It seems to me that this the kind of rain that causes people to off themselves in Seattle – the kind of rain that permeates your soul. Not to say that I’m ungrateful for this rain, in the desert we don’t get rained like this but maybe once or twice a year so when it comes we enjoy every second.

You see the thing is that the sort of downpour often makes me think about the alchemy of everyday life. How our lives are an amalgamation of, a fermentation, a distillation of the decisions that we make in the paths that we choose  to follow. Like that mystical alchemy, the rain filters the prima  materia, beginning the process of turning lead, the muck, the shit of life into gold.

There is no beginning, there is no end, there is just now – a void the consumes everything. That statement was not meant to be morose it was meant to enlighten. You see, if you accept now as an ever-changing ever amplifying, modifying, fermenting and of distilling facts, then you can accept the fact that you have the power to change absolutely anything you would like. You have the power to change the shit, the nonsense, perpetual downtrodden feeling that you might have about the world that you have created and transcend creating the Golden Age of your existence. Of course I say this now, but as you all know if you read this long enough I too will forget and go back to feeling sorry for myself but as for this moment I know I am the hero in my own story.

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