Dr. Bruce & The Hardcore Science


I got snoped yesterday. It’s not the first time that I’ve ever said something ridiculous in the name of health, but then at the same time it’s not the first time I’ve been snoped either so I couldn’t be too upset about it nor surprised. For those not hip to it, snopes.com is a site dedicated to debunking. More often than not, they are right in their debunkery. Sometimes, it can be questioned.

I posted something about water curing all sorts of diseases. It is interesting, but probably not entirely untrue. The whole situation really made me think about Dr Bruce Lipton. He wrote a brilliant book a few years back called the Biology Of Belief. In this book he details how mere perception can change and alter reality. The substance of this book is solid science , however Dr. Bruce himself is kind of a hippie. This however does not give his research any less legitimacy when placed under a microscope.

Those of you who follow the works of modern quantum physicist understand the idea of the quantum observer. If you do not, no biggie – it is the belief that things are as they are merely because we have been observed them to be so. A particle is a particle only when observed, otherwise it exists in both particle and wave form at once. That is the jist of ot anyway that we have shaped and construct their own reality through observation. Pretty heady right?

See, this is why I bring it up.

According to Dr. Lipton, shamanic cultures in the world believe in the power of the medicine man and as a result are more likely to heal. Their belief in the “magic” of the medicine man triggers the response in the brain needed for healing. Those who do not believe typically die and as a result do not pass on their skeptical point of view.

So how can we benefit?

Have a little faith in your own practices of wellness. If you believe some cure is going to work – I mean really believe it, then it just might. According to Dr. Lipton anyway. The practice has been successful longer than our current system has.

“the atom has no physical structure-the emperor has no clothes….atoms are made out of ‘invisible’ energy, not tangible matter.”

“the character of our life is based upon how we perceive it.”

As a matter of fact opening sacred space made a post dedicated to Dr. Bruce quotes, so here you go Dr. Lipton Quotes – some great stuff, hippiness and all.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Bruce & The Hardcore Science

  1. It’s entirely true, and I have evidence. As a youngster I played a lot of tennis in a number of competitions. Being the inquisitive type i’d watched a program, or read something, which talked about the power of mantras. Long before the interwebs, evidently i didn’t get the whole gist of the subject because i believed the word “mantra” was the thing in question: a magical thing… which i put to the test. I was never greedy, I had a deep suspicion that if I used this magic too liberally then it would surely lose its power, so only at critical moments in a match, when i was serving and seriously needed the point, I would chant “mantra, mantra, mantra” to myself, over and over. Serve. Ace! It was simply amazing. It never failed. Every. Single. Time. I. Used. This. Magic. It. Worked.

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