What’s It All About?


I’m not sure if this happens to any other aspiring novelist, but when I asked what my book is about, at least the one I’m writing at the moment,  I have a hard time explaining because it’s sort of a big idea. So I’ve spent a lot of time in the silence over the last week trying to think of one sentence that I could use to summarize the main idea of the story that I’m writing.

It is sort of a psychedelic journey of a man who doesn’t quite know who he is, literally. He is an amnesiac you see – not just a lost soul, though there is a bit of that too. It is a struggle between right wrong;  between good and evil. But it is also a lot more than that. It is pseudoscience, it is technology mistaken for magic, it’s love, or lack of love, hate, and all the emotions in between.

In a lot of ways it’s a metaphor for my own life. In a lot of ways it is what I think everyone’s life is like. A string of decisions – both good and bad ending in forks in the path where more good and bad decisions are made.

Not really sure, there’s so much out there there’s so much that I could say to explain what it is that I think I’m writing about. But when it comes down to it I guess the truth of the matter is that this is a story about some that are free and trying to help some that are not free. The thing is, those that are not free do not know it, but such is life I suppose. Full of diversion and misinformation – so it is just as convoluted as reality i suppose, and just as confused.

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