Quitting, Quitting


I have never failed. Not even one time. I quit thousands of times, but I have never once failed. Somewhere in my history, somewhere far back I was led to believe that I would be a failure. So now, rather than actually failing, I just quit. Many times I have said the first step in understanding a problem is admitting that it is a problem, & I am doing that.
Fail at something, anything. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do just to fail at it. Why the hell not what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? You are going to fail, what so fucking what. A coward dies many times before his death, so get out there and do something. Get out there and make an ass of yourself – try that one silly thing that everybody said you could never do just because they said you could never do it just to do it… just do something – do anything do it god damnit just do it! You are the only person that is stopping you & I am the only person that is stopping me and I am sick and tired of failing myself by never trying hard enough. By giving up when it gets good when people really start doubting you that’s what it’s good – that’s the good stuff. that is when you are the closest to being successful – that is when it really matters. You’re worth it. So am I.

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