Unplug – The Dramatic Conclusion


For the sake of boredom and maintaining readership, I am going to condense the remainder of the no tech week into a few sentences.

You’re welcome.

Thursday: drank and ate too much. Both were turkey related – the meal was roasted turkey the drink was wild turkey. No tech necessary.

Friday: FAIL. Online shopping for both myself and the misses. Curse you black friday.

Saturday: still no social media and no video, but Google searches a – plenty ad well as shopping.

Sunday: we called a no tech cease fire and went back to normal by 4pm.

Conclusion: we have decided to rely less on the digital appendage and try to be more present when we are together as a family.  Children grow up within a blink of an eye. Cherish that moment – it is the moral of this story.

And now I will quit writing about it…promise.

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