Unplug – Day Two


I find that my most creative moments happen between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. Without the use of my smartphone, I’ve noticed that a lot of good ideas get twisted in the interpretation onto the page later on when I get the chance. This has been really frustrating for me since I think that I do my best writing while on the road. Caution: do not actually try to write while driving. I use the term “writing” in this case very loosely.

So as I started day two, a few words came to mind:  bored, boredom, boring, lonely, lonesome, stupid fucking smartphone, etc. It has occurred to me that without the distraction of my handheld device, my life of solitary boredom it’s kind of sad.

I spend my days listening to books by amazing authors and talking to myself about a group of people that I have created in a world of my own design…I know, awesome right?  So without yonder books, my day is silent. What’s worse, without talking into my phone taking notes and often writing entire sections while driving my book workings are at a standstill without the bloody thing.

Under normal circumstances, my work situation is ideal. I get to go around all day long thinking about my story, my blog, and what fun things I can do with my kids when I see them. The smartphone gives me the ability to live a life while working. Granted all that is multitasking mind you, but it works for me – perfectly in fact.

One thing that I’ve learned so far in this experiment, is that my phone is an extension of my being. It is not unlike a portion of my brain that I carry in my front pocket. That my friends, is a fucking scary thought.

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