So Fly


I’m so fly, when I walk in the room you see me in slow motion. I have a full time fan operator to blow my hair back. The song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” plays on a continuous loop all around me so everyone knows how fly I am.
I am so fly, I can get away with using such a 1992 term for my flyness  such as fly- but I am though so it’s all good baby. It is with that flyness that I keep you reading this description so I should be thanking you for my being so goddamn  fly.
With my fan operator and theme music I walk in the room – all slow motion like. You see me, you alway see me. I have to walk through all the groping hands to get to the other side of every building , slapping five and blowing kisses all fly like I am.
I am not overweight,  pounds just want to be near me, being so fly and all. The grey hairs too seem to multiply just to be near my awesome flyness. My head is a dance party for greys, swaying in the cool breeze of my full time fan-job.
It is good being me. Period.
Did you see that ellipsis? So fly I can spell out one of my periods.

This has been my personal affirmation for feel good Friday.  Hope you enjoyed it you sexy bitches out there in the facets of you-niverse.

2 thoughts on “So Fly

  1. That’s so fly….what’s even more fly is that I feel the sexy bitch comment was directed toward me. ..lmmfao…again,I really enjoy reading your words my brother. ..keep that shit coming

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