Think About It


Thought is a powerful tool…obviously.  I mean if it were not for thought – namely ideas then we would not have wheels, starbucks, pornography, the iron maiden, or a host of other handy inventions developed throughout history. Thought itself is a kind of technology that allows ideas to take root in the material world or the popular imagination. We are literally creating reality.
What I am getting at is this:
What you think about matters!
It is very possible that your thoughts could give you a hint into what your true life’s ambition is. Take me for example. I spend all day driving around daydreaming about the lives of people I made up. It is my dream to bring them to life on the page. Their very existence across the either brings me joy.
I have a thought experiment for you dear reader. Today, tomorrow, or whenever you feel like it just be mindful of what you think about when not focusing on you day grind. Perhaps you are in touch with your dreams, if so, good for you. If you are not however,  maybe this little game will help shed some light on your innermost desires.

2 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. Chris…have you ever thought about putting on a play?… I think it would be awesome to see a part of your characters come to life…I understand that it would be after your book/books are finished but man I would pay to see the awesomeness! !!

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