Killing Fools


It has been quite a week in my imagination. I have written and rewritten a series of events leading to the death of a main character in an epic run in with a minion of the oposing force which hopes to continue control of the people they have unwittingly enslaved.
I had no idea she would die when she did mind you, it just sort of


Those are my favorite scenes – those that I cannot see far enough into to find the resolution until I write my way down that hall.
I have to admit though, it made me sad. I have invested months into this woman’s arch as a character,  just to watch her die in a pool of her blood and sweat and blood. I think it was a proud and noble way to go and in the fictional way that I have,  I am proud to have known her.
For all of you Nanowrimo cats and kittens, I have now completed 50,000 words but I think the story is only halfway told. I know at most it is only two thirds finished. I do not want to say too much, except that there is a classic struggle between two sides. Each thinks that what they do, they do for the greatest possible good. Like most things in life though, the truth is cast in shades of grey.

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