Bad Programming


I tend to over think just about every other idea I have. Some of this over analysis is my fault – I am really hard on myself and slow to take advice. The rest of this comfort zone rigor mortis is however a result of the programming I have been fed my whole life…your programming too.
We are told from the earliest of ages that success is measured in money and matter, otherwise known as stuff. The better your stuff, the better you are. That’s all fine and dandy, but it gets better.
By way of the god of media known as photoshop, normal people are made to look superhuman and slapped onto a magazine cover, instagram, or some other major  media outlet and our children are told – we are all told that unless we are perfect like these sculpted and blemish-diminished digital deities, then we are not beautiful.
I have news for you kids:  all of that is bullshit. Total cosmetics retail counter,  pushup bra, under armor, shrink fit, slimming, lip plumping bullshit.
You are already awesome. So am I, and no beauty improvement product will make you any better. It just wont.
Do I practice what I preach? Of course not. I run until I throw up or pass out, I don’t eat bread or sugar (mostly), and I dislike my reflection just like I’m supposed to.
The first step in making a change however is admitting there is a problem, and believe me it’s a problem.
I want my daughters to look at them selves in the mirror and see how beautiful they actually are, not how little like Kim Kardashian they look. I want my son to believe he can do anything, not that he has to follow a specific set path laid out by society to be happy.
There is a non-renewable resource that despite healthy living in body and mind we can not recycle and that resource is our time. Do not waste your time  trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.  Blaze your own trail and send your doubters the pictures with love.

2 thoughts on “Bad Programming

  1. I do love myself…wasn’t always this way mind. I have never viewed my physical appearance as beautiful, but I do like the way my heart is. I think we as adults need to teach children, from a very young age that there is nothing wrong with their body shapes, or their physical appearance..trouble is with all the media attention, social network sites, internet, tv shows etc purporting to show what an ‘average’ kid should look like, those that view themselves in a negative light really have no hope of ‘seeing’ themselves as they really are…
    children are not told that what they view out in the land of NON reality is all which you have just mentioned.
    I think the beauty industry has a lot to answer for…as do plastic surgeons…hey that would be a great post you know…maybe you could do one…and bag the shit out of that industry…show them for what they really are…money grabbing, self serving industries only interested in making individuals feel bad about the way they look…so they get more business.
    Shame so many people buy into this…

    • They (who ever they are) say it is what is inside that counts, so if they are right which I think they are, you are on the right page. Beauty is such a wicked machine, I’m not sure those wheels will ever stop, but we can slow the hateful progress by giving our young some more positive role models in ourselves. I do think a rant on the issues with the beauty industry would make a good post. Hey isn’t that your bag swearsalot?

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