Wind Blown Psyche


The wind is blowing.  Whether it is blowing things into or out of my life remains to be seen. So many things are changing all the time and if it weren’t for the trail I wouldn’t  know where I was going. Sometimes I still do not.
The wind can uproot even the tallest tree, it can level anything in its path. I do not like the wind, but I often like the result. I fear change and love change all at once.
Without change there is no growth, and without growth I wouldn’t be a husband or a father, a writer or a man. I would be a frightened child waiting for my ship to come in instead of a grown man seeking a destiny that I can be proud of.
A wise man once said to live life fully is to be the hero of your own story. I like that enough to give it a try. Do me a favor and ask yourself this one simple question:
what dream do I have that is worth trying for?
Have you answered yet? If not, then do so, get up, and make it happen. You are worth it -so am I.  Until next time friends.

2 thoughts on “Wind Blown Psyche

    • In the grand scheme of things Jacob it is a short time to do what you must to achieve that. You will get older no matter what. Might as well get older doing what would fulfill you most.

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