Final Draft Friends


I received more email and such from my previous post than I have in a while from you all, so I feel a general response is in order. I really appreciate all of the concern over my mental state, but do not worry – I’m good.

Part of the reason I share such things is that they make me feel better, the other part is a bit more nefarious.  You see, I look at Facebook, Instagram and the various other forms of social media and I see people in their final draft forms writing rough draft messages to one another.

Make no mistake though, I enjoy these people very much. I care for most all of the people in my life, but life is not perfect nor are we.  My kids are not always smiling, my omelets do not always turn out like something Rachel fucking Ray turned out in her studio. I have bad days, and yesterday was one of them. My other goal is the encouragement of others to not fear sharing the less polished side of themselves. It may not be perfect, but it will be truly human.

If you follow me here on my page, or on some othersocial media hub I promise you one thing: you will know who I am.  Not the polished final draft of me, but the flawed eccentric writer who sometimes drinks too much, who loves his wife and kids with every beat of his heart, and who tries to be the change he wants to see in the world around him.

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