Shooting Up Fiction


Anything can be a drug.  It doesn’t matter if the buzz you receive from it is due to internal or external stimuli. Some are hooked on heroin, others on working out. Others still are hooked on anything from sex to serial murder.  There is a kink for everybody.

My current kink is playing god over people I made up.

My drug of choice – the one thing that gives me shakes and shivers is resolving the conflicts I have placed a small group of people in – who I have breathed life into for the sole purpose of putting them into difficult situations where good and bad are not sides of a struggle, but choices based on situations.
My characters are my crack, just as many other things have been. The difference between then and now is my resolve and the high. This one is far more real than booze ever was, and it is in the buzz of fiction that I feel the most satisfied…for now. Like most drugs though, my tolerance is becoming increased and I need more fiction to get the same rush out of it. For a change though, I don’t think I am kicking this monkey off my back anytime soon.

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