Holding Accountable


The mornings are cold. They are cold enough to raise goose flesh on your arms without a coat on. It is my favorite  time of year. It strikes the best imagery in my opinion too. The autumn leaves, seeing one’s breath and all of that. It makes me love being a writer.

But not today.

Today instead I was a talker, and I talked to myself A LOT. I have hours of notes, and even some pretty solid chapter work – but no real writing.  Even this post is voice to text.  Some days you just have to hang it up.
All of you Nanowrimo writers take note. You do not have to write a whole novel in a month –  promise.
Instead, if you feel overwhelmed then take a step back. This little piece of advice is not exclusive to writing either. Personally, I like to run too and guess what? Not doing that either. Boom. *dropped the mic*

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