Say No to Nanowrimo


I think everyone who wants to write should do so. If novels are your chosen medium for that writing great.  Writing a novel because it is National Novel Writing Month is not necessary.
The manuscript I began work on months ago is still not finished, nor will it be for another 100,000 words or so but that’s just me. Using Nanowrimo as your reason to write is like using the great American Smoke-out to quit smoking cigarettes. Ultimately, you are going to do what you want, and the declaration of some national event becomes the excuse.
Use the excuse friends.
I like living in a world full of writers, singers, artists, and dreamers. You all keep the day full of inspiration, and the night full of hope. What more can I ask for?
Novel Update:
I managed to finish a rough run of the last 12 pages of chapter one last night, most of which was smoothed out on my pilgrimage to The Skywalk this morning. Lots of trembling, hallucinations, and a new character introduced on the last page.
Time lines are funny. I have been writing this “new” character’s story for weeks now, and I have finally made it to the beginning of her story. Good times.

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