Fighting for Fiction


I am seriously thinking about giving up my occasional alcoholism for something a bit more long-term today. Not so much because I love being drunk or anything,  but because it has helped me get over humps in writing in the past.  Some days the path is so clear to where I want to travel in words but the tires are flat and I am left to wait for some literary  AAA to save the day, but they do not come.
This week I have managed to commit about 7,500 words to page but each word – each phrase seems too blah compared to an anniversary ending in bloodshed. The end of the last sentence was my clever way of linking back to the last excerpt from my story – so take the hint.
I intend to keep track of progress and share the ups and downs of the painful process of writing something longer than I ever have.  Seems legit since I really embraced writing when I came here (digitally speaking) to share my thoughts.
We all spend our lives searching for our tribe,  looking without rest to find the pieces of our world that fit into those places in the corners and crevices of our being – better or worst, we are stuck together all of you brilliant lights in the darkness. For that I say thank you. You – each and every one of you is a piece of all that is, and without you all that is would merely be all that could have been. If you ever doubt your importance,  just remember that. Oh and do me a favor – remind me when I forget.

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