What’s a Life?


I look at pictures posted by all the people in my life; all the hobbies and children’s hobbies and I am amazed. How the hell do any of you have time to sleep? I manage to walk through the door, eat my evening meal, spend a bit of time with my wife and the Littles (as the children are known in my house) and prepare for the next day. No television, no extra-curricular activities,  nada.
I feel like a success when I get to shower before dinner. Even this blog, and any other writing I do during the week is done by voice to text on my phone while I drive. That’s one of the benefits of having a mobile office I suppose- well that and audio books.
Driving all day gives me a lot of time to think too. I watch the ever lasting expanse of highway unfold in front of me, and drift into my fictional world. I feel like those are the times when the muse speaks strongest.
Today I left- east on interstate 40 headed into the great void of the Mojave Desert. The air was sharp and cold with my window down, but I didn’t mind; it was a nice contrast from my scalding hot coffee. To be honest, I was so lost in the thought of my last post Trying Not to Be An A-hole and how I plan to overcome it. Make not mistake kids: I love fantasy fiction enough to find away around this hurdle.
Fake languages are not the only issue though.  I am so hung up on having an original idea that I must overcome yet another issue, which is the convention medieval type wizard warrior epic.  It is great fun to read these stories, but with a market saturated with this type of tale I cannot add to the multitudes in existence.
For some reason, I have no problem with creating false stories using existing mythology though. Not directly mind you,  but more of a thread of truth within a tapestry of misinformation.  I only want to exploit the beliefs of others, nothing more. That’s not so wrong is it? Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it works.

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