Trying Not To Be An A-hole


I love fantasy fiction novels. Not just love them, I devour them in a way I have not done with any one other genre of fiction – ever. For a long while I thought I would write a fantasy fiction story, but a big problem stopped me. I feel like an asshole creating worlds and names for places and things that do not exist.
As much as I enjoy reading about fantastic kingdoms in strangely named worlds, I cannot delve that deeply into the genre myself. Perhaps it is the background I have as a researcher of questionable truths, alternative histories, and the nature of existence.
I wrote some catchy little numbers early on in my career as a blogger such as History of the Human Illusion and Birth and Death of Freedom tackling some more concrete information. As fascinating as writing of that manner is for me to write, it would take weeks to come up with material of merit, and to be honest the research bummed me out.  It sucks to read information because you think the powers that be are lying to you (which I still do). So I got on the fiction train.
Well, that is not entirely true, I like to write about my failings as a husband and a father too. Nothing say good writer like being a drunk or a bad daddy, right?
Now I am trying to rationalize the writings of a pseudo fantasy fiction novel – with no made up creatures and no attached map of a make believe world. Some may call that lazy. I like to think of it as realistic -with psychedelics.

6 thoughts on “Trying Not To Be An A-hole

    • I have certainly thought about it. More fun for me I think would be to use elements of an existing mythology to exploit. That is what I’m leaning toward anyway. I have written some outline and rough chapters within that construct and the irony of myth being actual fiction makes me giggle.

    • I used to write lengthy essays on heady topics, but no one read them. Now I tend to keep it simple and less wordy. Folks seem to enjoy that more. Thanks for reading!

      • Ha…not I Christoph…if people don’t like reading lengthy, that is not my problem…I come here to write for myself, no one else…thing is, I now write to reach ALL, so we shall see…regardless, it’s still cathartic…so meh!!

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