On Loss

Family is not always blood, nor is it always pleasant. In the case of recent events – In the stillness of the morning I find time to reflect on the events of the last day, and I hope that I can do justice the feelings that I have about them. Yesterday I lost a friend, and this friend gave me something that I cannot give back. She gave me my wife.

Despite their failure to see eye to eye, my wife loved to be with her mother and we always laughed heartily together. She was the kind of person who made you feel important just by the way she spoke to you, and she had the kind of intelligence that made you wonder about the life she had led and all of the things she may have seen in it. Her laugh was contagious, and so was her sadness. She had the power to dictate the emotions of all those around her and I will miss her dearly.

Tell the people you care about how you feel. Tell them they amaze you and that you wish to see them with all of the world’s joy in the palm of their hand. Don’t let a grudge, or a fight or anything else stop you from saying how much you love them. This may be the only chance you get. In my family we are fortunate that way I suppose. We never end a visit or conversation with anything less than ‘I love you.’

I hope that you do the same dear reader. I hope you tell the people you love how you feel as many times a day as you can, and I hope that you embrace them just as often, because believe me you will regret it if you do not. Make a habit of mending fences. There are not many disagreements or judgments you may pass on a loved one that merit alienation. Give them the chance to be in your life, it may be the only thing that will fix what is broken.

The last thing I want to say on this topic is carpe diem. You cannot waste time waiting for something to happen for you – you must reach out and grab it. Write your story, start your business, live your life. Live your life in honor of those you have loved and those you have lost. Be the hero of your own adventure in their memory.

me and mom