Facets of You 6

Children are wonderful…Most of the time. Well, some of the time anyway. Okay fine–children are insane little people who can at times be the bane of your existence, but these little tyrants of your (in this case my) creation have the ability to transform you in a way that nothing else on this earth is capable.
Today is my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday, and from the moment of conception she has been a hand full. As I described in part one of this series, my wife was on strict bedrest with her and there was a very good chance she would not make it to term. We did all that we could to give her the best shot at life, and after an agonizing three trimesters for all of us, our beautiful baby entered this world.
No surprise to me, my wife had a bit of the baby blues (due to being consumed by the bed for over 9 months I’m sure) and a lot of the nightly attention the baby required fell to me. It was difficult to juggle both a demanding work schedule and the baby, but she was worth it and my wife deserved the rest.
As quickly as it all started, it quickly passed and we were left with an amazing little love. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I relished any moment I got to hold her close. It was not long though until things took a turn for our young family.
On one of the rare occasions my wife and I we able to go out on a date, we left our children with friends of ours and we went out for dinner and a movie. About half way through the flick, I got a call from our sitter telling us we needed to get there asap.
Upon arrival at their house we found our baby burning up with a fever. Out of nowhere it seemed she had come down with what appeared to be a cold. We were no stranger to fevers, so we took our kids home and gave the baby the medicine we had to treat her with. Hours later however, she had seemed to be worse and by midnight we were in the emergency room; she was having trouble breathing.
As luck would have it, the hospital in our small town was not equipped to treat such a small child for an ailment they could not identify, so we were transported to Las Vegas where the nearest children’s medical center was located. This is really where things get emotionally complicated.
As I described in previous parts of this series, we lost children¬† before our baby and it is clear to me looking back that neither of us ever really dealt with that, so I feel like the week we spent in that hospital room with our baby was the most distant we have ever been from her, for fear she would not make it. You see, we were so afraid that we would endure another loss we simply shut down–we both did. Not to say we were not there, we were just detached from the whole thing and this was palpable to anyone present. We looked on, as our baby struggled to breathe caressing her, but at the same time preparing for the worst. One day turned to two, and our fear deepened as the week flew by. It seemed so bleak, but by the end of day three she seemed to be doing better, though we were not out of the woods just yet. The next few days would dictate the future for our little one.
Thankfully so, by week’s end she made a full enough recovery to go home from what turned out to be RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) a virus that attacks the lungs of very small children. We did not she’d a tear for our baby until the drive home, when we finally expressed the fear we both shared, and our first night back home she slept between us cradled in my arms.
My youngest baby has shown me so much about what it is to be alive, and what it means to truly love someone.  Happy birthday Nova Lloraynne, you are one of the most wonderful children
I have ever known–even though you are a tyrant.