Things That Do Not Matter

    The only time I watch the news these days is when I am looking for a reason to get bummed out. Either that, or during the rare occasion when I want to know what is happening in the lives of any given Hollywood A-lister. I do not require such help or information most of the time, nor do I need any assistance finding reasons for hiding in the corner of my house wearing a foil hat clutching my assault rifle.

    The definition of a conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. There is plenty of real conspiracy going on; this is a point that no one can argue. From the NSA monitoring all of the world’s communication, to the corrupt political system, with major corporations profiting and benefitting from each and every politician that they lobby to get into office, right down to companies like Halliburton profiting off the wars and carnage happening all over the planet. Don’t even get me started about Monsanto…

   These things are real. There is no question that they are; deeds so nefarious and dark that can be proven without any theorists making any rash conclusions. The state of the world is undeniably fucked up. There is no need to project additional conspiracy upon the situation. Instead, I would like to talk about the things that do not matter and why.

    9/11 was a terrible event and a turning point in the way we behave as a global civilization. It was a tragic event in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Some believe that it was a dark government conspiracy to perpetuate a never ending war, to strip the people of their constitutional rights, and elicit fear in the hearts and minds of the world. Was it a conspiracy? It does not matter. What matters is that it happened, and the powerful became more so, and we lost freedoms. There is no need to waste our energy on something that has already happened.

    Is there a New World Order/Illuminati conspiracy to create a totalitarian world police state? Probably, but again it does not matter. What does matter is that the world elite have a firm grasp on the freedom of the people of the world, the resources of the world, and the direction that the world travels in. We do not need to waste our time wondering who is trying to take over the world, what should be focused on is that a group of powerful elite are doing just that.

    Bombings, assignations, coups, economic collapses, central banks, and the like are all realities we face. Their origins are not, nor have ever been the issue. The issue is that these things happen, have happened, and will continue to happen if we allow them to do so.

    When the POTUS declares that using chemical weapons is a “red line” that Syrian rebels cannot cross without American involvement in their conflict, one could deduce that this is giving a signal to those who could benefit from American involvement in Syrian affairs to do just that in order to achieve the desired outcome. Does this make the list of conspiracy theories? I would say no—it seems pretty obvious to me, but that is how my mind works. What I am getting at is that the reason why things happen (after the fact) is irrelevant to the outcome of the situation. If things go as planned for the power elite, it is of little consequence if they planned it that way or not. There is simply no need to speculate.

2 thoughts on “Things That Do Not Matter

    • I have to agree. I have been sucked down that rabbit hole a few times, and what I have come to realize is that without jumping to a grand conclusion, most juicy theories just fall apart. There is enough real stuff going on without having to make dramatic conclusions.

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