In the Eye of the Storm

The storm clouds gather, both in the sky and in our hearts. You can see the destruction, not only on the surface, but deep within us as we scramble for peace in a world at war. For those who are displaced in the recent tragedy, my heart goes out to you. For those that have lost all they love, my heart goes to you as well. I all of this chaos, I am reminded that the most precious things in this life are not things at all. They are the relationships that we share. I am grateful for the safety of my family and friends, and I am mourning the tragedy that we together face.

With the whole world in upheaval, it is the clouds on the horizon that are a constant reminder of the challenges we all face. As much as I would love nothing more than to wake up from the impending nightmare that is the climate of now, I know that the only way is for each of us to know what is at stake. We can talk about change all we want, but until we pass through the storm, none will manifest. We must see the destruction, made by our hands to feel the power of the choices we have made, even if that choice is sitting idly by and watching the storm clouds gather. It is a storm of hate, and of hunger, and of sacrifice.

This storm is our lives–all of our lives. It is our turmoil, and it is our strife, our resentment, our judgment, and our salvation, for as every storm has a beginning, it too has an end. My only hope is that there is enough sunshine left when the storm clouds pass. You are the sunshine; you are the flicker of light illuminating all of the dark places. I want for your safety; for all of our safety. I want for the storm to pass, for none to whether it, but I am afraid my wants are in vain. We are in the eye of the storm. It is still and calm, but the fury of it rages on all sides of us. But in this calm, we must take up our children, hold them tight, and enjoy whatever peace we can, for as long as we can, accepting that the storm will do what it will. Be strong, and if you must, be the strength of others. Love as much as you can, laugh and play—live for today. It is the only one you get.

Part of living in the light, is admitting that the darkness (especially within us) is real. Today I feel that, and I felt that in order to remain honest, I had to share it with you. I worry for the world, and what will be left for my children. As I write these words I think about all the world, and all the senseless suffering and strife. It is a game that is being played and we are the pieces. The only difference between us and that game is we can all together choose not to play it. Of course, saying these words, and taking the required actions are two separate things, but perhaps we can whether this storm together—perhaps we need to learn how to love the rain.

2 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Storm

  1. It might indeed be that change will only come when the storm is here, and then it might be too late. However, if we still have choices by then, we should now think about them and share the results of our thoughts so that we will be prepared for any opportunities and choices that might still be there.

    • I hope we still have a choice when all is said and done. Perhaps it is no storm at all. maybe these are the labor pains; the birth of a new world.

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