The History of the Human Illusion

Though we as a species are not the beginning of the story of the world, I felt it would be a good place to start this journey into what I believe we are and have been. Also, this would be a good time to state that this information is based on what I have seen and read, and in no way should be taken as gospel. I write what I think, based on research that I have done, and what sits right with me and what makes the most sense in my head. It is your job, dear reader, to decide what sits well with you. Question everything, even those who are questioning everything. Enjoy.

The human body, upon the moment of conception goes through the entire process of evolution within a nine month period. From a single celled organism, it multiplies exponentially until its features are amphibious with gills and a tail, to a more reptilian form and then a primate form, after which it sheds its Lacuna or embryonic fur, and emerges in the ever growing human form. The 50 trillion cells that make up every facet of the human body are a community working together as the body strives for homeostasis. Each cell processes information just as we do, communicates with other cells, and coexists together in complete harmony just as every plant and animal works together, every planet works together, solar systems, and galaxies all working together, except it seems for us. We are not living in harmony with ourselves as a collective organism, as a part of the larger organism that is earth. The ancients knew this, but the murder of those shamanistic and ancient ways has left us without the real spiritual consciousness that is our connectivity to the source. The earth, like the body has an electromagnetic field which resonates at different frequencies. Known as the Shuman resonance these frequencies 7.8, 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, and 43.2 each correlate with a different one of the 7 electromagnetic centers or chakras of the body. Everybody in the universe has a resonance unique to itself, depending on its size, distance from the sun, and rotation. This electromagnetic signal is transmitted through the chakras of the planet itself to every organism that makes her up. The planet is ever aware of us, and knows how to cure our sickness because it is part of the creative force that makes us. We make up that force. It is through our corrupt monetary, religious, political, and occult organizations that the symptoms of the disease are shown. We simply forgot how to communicate with the natural world, and just as in the body, cells that do not communicate with their source grow malignant as a cancer outside the normal harmony that is. As stated by Benjamin: Stewart in his film Kymatica, “the most interesting discovery about our planet is its consciousness. A physical attribute of consciousness is its energy field which governs the form and function of the organisms. Morphogenesis is a term used to describe this very shaping of cells into organs, organisms…”

An organism by definition is any living thing capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth, and development, and maintenance of homeostasis as a stable whole. While all of the individual organisms on our planet are obviously a part of this scheme, it is the fact that the earth itself is an organism by definition, with everything upon it as individual components of a bigger system.

That source has been called many things throughout the ages, from Gaia, Yahweh, God, Allah, and Spirit. Religion attempts to explain god as a father figure to guide you, and thus take your responsibility away for your action, not giving credit to yourself for being a part of consciousness, not looking inward for guidance, and not thinking for yourself. The fact is that nothing is external of you. The life force, moral compass, god, or creation; You have been every type of energy on this planet in the process of evolving to what you are now, and the turmoil we now experience is simply a part of that. When a caterpillar begins its life, it consumes everything in sight, and the cells within flourish, but it is once the chrysalis state begins that many cells within the body of the caterpillar begin to panic and some even commit suicide for fear of the future. This is known is biology as apoptosis. There are some cells within however who see a future for the organism. These “imaginal” cells begin to take control of the process undoing the destruction that has been wrought upon the organism until the miraculous change to a butterfly occurs. We are now within that chrysalis. Some of the humans (cells of the collective organism) have much fear for the future, while there are still others, the imaginal cells who have a different view of the chaos. It is simply the process of change.

Einstein said that reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one. All the universe is (as far as science can tell) is a small amount of matter vibrating at specific frequencies (sound). So pulling that information into the perspective of the nature of particles, they behave the way that they do, not because of the laws of physics as we once thought, but simply because we observe them as the Quantum observer. The brain and heart perceive a series of electrical signals in specific frequency which in turn make up the reality we see, hear, ECT. No matter how that information comes in, if by dream, hallucination, or typical conscious interaction with the world—the brain see it all as real. So, perhaps my question is what is real? It is not out of the scope of reason to assume that reality is nothing more than the collective consciousness of one organism, the universe.

Max Planck said, “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must then assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Taking that understanding to the next level, if matter is vibrating, a raise in that frequency would create a change in matter. This fact is proven through cymatics. Playing the resonant frequency of a wine glass for example, will cause it to oscillate, eventually changing and liquefying its structure eventually breaking it. This is the magic of the ancients, but not magic as we see it (parlor tricks) but they understood magic to be the unseen forces that govern our world. The bible tells us that in the beginning there was a word and the word was god. What I am saying is not much different, the words are simply different. The connections we make to words are not relevant; it is the true meaning of them that matters. Sound crossed the great void of space, and matter began to take shape. Emotion as well as sound can be measured according to frequency, and in fact it is emotion that interacts with our DNA turning off and on coding sites based on the frequency of the emotion. It has been determined through the research of Vladimir Popenov that photon light bonds to DNA and DNA can in fact emit this type of energy. The significance of emotion with this discovery is in the codes on our DNA. There are 64 possible codes with in DNA of which only 20 are presently active. The number of active sites on our DNA is directly affected by emotion. Fear is a long slow wave which has fewer bonding sites on DNA, while love is a higher frequency emotion, crossing the helix of DNA many more times, allowing for more coding sites. The patterns of emotion directly affect the genetic material, so that means that if our emotions control our genetic material and our genetic material affect the physical world we see every day, then we as a result can affect the physical world we live in just by being in the frequency of love, and not fear.

Think about what you know to be true. The things you have researched, been taught and can prove to be the 100% true story. What makes them true? Do you have facts to support them? Do you take them on faith? You shouldn’t have to take anything on faith that is true. I do not ask that anyone believes anything that I say, because the data speaks for itself. You do not have to take the information on faith, there is proof. This way of thinking has caused me to question nearly everything that I have ever been taught, and has in many situations rewritten my understanding of the past, the world, and the one reality. It used to make me mad. I used to feel cheated of truth when I started researching the history books, religious texts, and science. It infuriated me that I could be so easily manipulated to believe that the world I lived in was one of slavery and control, lies and greed. When you stop to think about it, if matter is simply a formation due to frequency, then why on earth do we horde so much of it? We do because we have been lead to believe that matter is all there is and we must collect as much of this “material” as we can if we want to be happy. That is the biggest lie of them all; it turns out to be nearly opposite. It is our behavior and not our material possession that should be the sign of success.

So what does all of this mean for us? It does not change that which you call your life, nor does it take away any of the world that you live in. It only takes away the illusion. With the understanding of the nature of cymatics, which is essentially what I have been talking about here, the science of observing the vibration of matter, but why would this seemingly integral science of vibration and energy be in the shadows of main stream science? What is it about cymatics that the elite do not want the populous to know? Well once you have pieced together the fact that the physical world is made of a small amount of matter vibrating at specific frequencies, and only behaves as solid because collectively we observe it to do so, then you understand the rules of the game. You can in turn manipulate the energy in your reality, increase your own vibration by sharing your selfless love and compassion for the world, and be truly happy without the mechanisms that currently enslave you.

The very nature of sound, especially which is spoken or sung, can dramatically influence the wellbeing of the self. Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew as well as elder forms of Gaelic have been shown through cymatics to render matter into sacred geometric patterns when spoken and sung. Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his book “cymatics, the science of the future” wrote, “…One third of the sensory-motor-cortex of the brain is devoted to the tongue, oral cavity, the lips, and speech. In other words, oral frequency emissions spoken, or sung, exert powerful control over life, vibrating genes that influence total well-being and even the evolution of the species.”

This brings me to the leap. For thousands of years, our ancestors seemingly had no practice of religious or ceremonial traditions. They made the same types of tools for generations, and then out of nowhere, there were ceremonies, art, music, and gods. What happened in our past that suddenly caused a cultural and spiritual leap forward? In the art and text of all ancient cultures, we see a complex understanding of cymatics, as well as the geometry of creation, but what on earth caused that lesson to be learned? In the following entries  I intend to rundown some of the major advances in the human spiritual evolution, and show the connections between the religions of the past and that of the present. For now, I remind you to search out the truth for yourself, whatever that may be.

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