How Much Do We Know?

There is only ever really one moment. We exist in one ever changing infinite now that is the only thing that matters in existence, or ever will matter, for that matter. So, rather than preparing for a future that will never come, or dwelling on a past that never was, we must look at every fraction of this moment as it is; the precious gift of now. This thought is nothing new, nor am I the first to put it to paper (or binary code in this case) in fact, this has been known by ancient schools of thought for millennia, maybe longer.

The truth of the matter is we have no idea how long we have inhabited this planet, I mean, we have an idea (some more outlandish than others) but no real concrete evidence, save the megalithic structures that circumscribe the globe, both above and below the seas.

Whatever could the ancients have been doing to require such massive monuments? If you subscribe to the beliefs of the Egyptologists, the pyramids of Giza we built about 6,000 by slaves to serve as the tombs of the kings of the time. So just to clarify: Slaves, using rope and logs, precisely cut millions of stones, as well as passage ways perfectly symmetrical to not only each other, but to celestial events on ley lines corresponding with other megalithic structures supposedly built at different times in history. Seems legit, right?

I propose a different hypothesis. What if there was an advanced race of humans, before the deluge mentioned in all religious text, during the times of Atlantis and Limeira, that had skills and technology that surpassed our own in that respect.

Take the works of Ed Leedskalnin. For those of you not familiar with his great feat, Leedskalnin claimed to possess the power of the pyramid builders, and single-handedly built his own megalithic structure in Florida, which is known as the coral castle. Built of Oolite, which is possesses as similar molecular make up to that of the limestone of the great pyramids, it is a feat of modern determination with the knowledge of the ancients.

There is some speculation of how he completed this task, but sadly the secret went with him to the grave. The point of all of this is that there is a lot we do not know about the universe at large. We need to take a good hard look at what we praise as gospel, compare it to what is said by others, and locate the archetype, or rather the underlying story all of the myths and ancient texts were telling. That is what I would like to share with you; the underlying story of history hidden in myth, mystery schools, occults, religion, and so on. Perhaps together we can piece together the real story. Until next time, take care and be happy.

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